(Jessica) So the focus when thinking of this site was to get my sister, Jilian, involved in blogging with me. She’s a mom. I’m a mom. We love to talk. We have information we’d like to share.

What I didn’t mention was that we have a younger sister, Jasmin, who was excluded from this idea/plan.

Did I include her in the concept? No.

Did I ask her for ideas? No.

She’s not a mother (yet) and has too much 20-something year old stuff to do. That was my original thinking. Except…

She is a mother of two wonderful pugs and one miniature pinscher; her ideas and plans are no less important than ours.

She brings something to the table that may be important to another 20-something year old or any other-something year old. We want this site to be relevant to our readers. So, whether you’re a mom of one, two, or three+ kids <or a mom to some really great pets> we have something for you. To us… we are a pear of sisters and Jasmin is our +1. We love her even though she’s our red-headed step-sister just because we already found a clever name for the site.


I’m a 30-something year old full-time working mom of two beautiful girls, a wife, and a student. I love savings. I’m not an extreme couponist but I love to shop for deals and I’ve got a mini stockpile. I love giveaways and shoes. I love to bake and I love to curse.I do promise to stay as PG/G rated as possible.  I have done some mystery/secret shops before too. I’ve got some ideas/reviews on that. Let’s share our current knowledge and find our commonalities & differences. I promise to give you something to think about, dwell on, chat about, or fall in love with. If I don’t… please… show me the door.


Who else likes style, fashion, getting beautified and getting a great deal? I don’t know who wouldn’t!! I’m Jilian, a licensed hairstylist/makeup artist follow me while we uncover new techniques of styling hair, your wardrobe and your makeup routine. I know what it’s like to have 5-10 minutes to take care of yourself. I’ll show you how to look refreshed quickly with my “Tips and Tricks” so you don’t look like a ragdoll while taking the kids to school, or “Looks for Less” that will focus on creating celebrity looks for much less than celebrity prices, you work hard to fulfill your families wants and needs you deserve the same amount of attention and fulfillment too, I’ll teach you how……….


I’m the red headed step child (or butterfly in the picture I like to think). I am the youngest and like my sisters, am looking to help add some pop to our readers’ lives. I like to provide a hip kind of edge to the “A Pear of Sisters” website. I do a lot of the “techy” tasks and will include a blog on a couple of fun and useful topics. Some of these topics will include tips on organizing, quick and easy meals/drinks for Friday night with the girls, and a “Chick Chat” column that will include adult topics. I am extremely excited that I was added to the website. Translation: It was wise of my sisters to come to their senses by including me. Happy reading!

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  1. I checked out your blog today after liking you on Facebook. I had to read about you as I have two sisters also and two of us have blogs. The other says she is too busy and rarely even read our blogs!! Keep up the good work.

    My sister’s blog: http://didoodlings.com

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