Super Mom VoxBox

IMG_1037So the wonderful people at Influenster have chosen yours truly to get the Super Mom VoxBox (super hero voice…with echo).

I love Influenster! They give me the opportunity to try some awesome new products, give my honest opinion on them and get badges which show everyone what an awesome Influenster I am (which in turn qualifies me for yet more Vox Boxes)! These boxes are like Christmas time for me every time I get one.

This Super Mom VoxBox contains some truly cool products…


(2) Pilot – Acroball Pens – They write really smooth. I’m usually a Pilot G2 user but I may have found my new best pen.


Suave Kids – Purely Fun 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. The bottle indicates its hypoallergenic, no parabens or dyes and tear free. My little one likes anything that’s bubble friendly so this most certainly hit the spot at bath time.

Suave Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment – This isn’t your mom’s old school stick a tube in a cup of hot water oil treatment either. It comes in a pump bottle, isn’t heavy at all and provides shine with a pleasant scent. I can’t attest for the repair yet but I’m all for repairing these curls. Post baby hair is no-fun.

Secret Outlast Deodorant Xtend – Definitely a purse/travel size and I do like the scent. IMG_1043

Palmolive Fusion Clean with baking soda and lime. It’s supposed to remove food that’s been stuck on for 24 hours! While I won’t be waiting 24 hours, I can’t wait to see how this works on my stainless steel pots that everything seems to stick to….I’ll post once I’ve gotten to try it.


Plackers Flossers in Fruit Smoothie Swirl – Hey anything that gets these kids excited about flossing works for me. Plus they’ve got fluoride and are BPA free. The sample pack of three came in fun colors grips made for those little fingers. image2

A Coupon for a free Daisy Sour Cream Squeeze Bottle – Taco night here we come!

All these great items to review…I do feel like I’ve got tools that help me be the Super Mom I already knew I was. Thanks Influenster! Smooches

Organize Your Life

So I discovered a few websites with some simple, non expensive ways to organize your environment to create some Zen in stressful households. Trust me, my 4 pups are a handful – I can only imagine (real) children and a husband.
Let’s explore, room by room shall we?

– Gather and plates/bowls or glasses and store them in the dishwasher. Of course without that, set up a “to be cleaned” bucket. This is just a little bit more visually appealing than just having them in the sink. Of course, you need remember to wash them too 😉
– Give away duplicate appliances or those you never use
– Take stock of your plastic containers. **THIS ONE IS HUGE** Throw out any that are warped or that don’t have matching lids. If you just can’t part with your tupperwear, find a use for it – storing nail polishes or buttons.

– Instead of opening mail at a table or desk, stand right over your recycling bin (or trash for the naughty readers). That way you can immediately discard any junk mail instead of letting it clutter up your work area.
– Invest in file folders. I am a HUGE advocate for this one as well. I have a file for just about anything. I have found comfort in keeping “current year items” such as tax returns, w2’s, pay stubs, receipts, bills, etc in a file cabinet. The items that I can store going into a storage bin for files until they are ready to be shredded. I know where everything is!

– Keep a sponge and tile cleaner near your bathtub or shower. When you’re done showering, take a few minutes to wipe down the walls. It will keep your shower fresh and save you from a day of hard scrubbing once you can actually SEE the buildup.
– Clean out your medicine cabinet/toiletries. You wouldn’t realize how long certain cosmetics actually last. I’m sure they are well over due for plenty of us! Also throw out old/expired medications. They may still have an effect after their expiration date, but this means the chemical may be unstable. Let’s not chance that.
Concealer: good for about 12 months
Powder: 2 years
Cream and Gel cleansers: 12 months
Eye shadow: 3 years (up to)
Pencil eye liner: sharpen regularly so it lasts you 3 years
Liquid eye liner: 3-4 months
Mascara: Every 3-4 months
Brushes: Wash every 2-3 months
Sponges: discard monthly
Lipstick: If you store it in the fridge, can last 4 years – but of course if it smells awful, it’s bad.
Nail polish: 12 months
Also, sun tan lotion doesn’t last very long either, once expired – use it as a shaving cream.
– Avoid the whole putting towels over the shower bar thing. Avoid the clutter by getting some nice cheap shower racks, a hook, or an over the door towel hanger.

– Get ready for your day the night before. Lay out your clothes, accessories, shoes, socks, and jewelry to avoid pulling out 10 outfits you didn’t feel like wearing.

– Twice a year, reassess your wardrobe. Pull out any clothes that you haven’t worn in a few months. If they’re stained or ratty, toss them. If they’re hopelessly out of style, give them to a charity, like the Goodwill. If you just can’t bear to part with them yet, fold them up and put them in storage for another few months. If you find yourself missing them, return them to their rightful hangers. If not, you know what to do.

– Get your kids in on the “fun.” If you have young children, turn cleaning up into a game. Set a kitchen time for 10 minutes, and have the kids run around picking up their things and putting them away as fast as they can. When the buzzer rings, award them some sort of small prize. What do kids like now a days? Dog treats? 😉
– Clear off coffee tables and end tables. Most items have a “place.” Magazine likely in a type of magazine rack, coasters in their holders, and the remote controls likely in its designated spot (next point).
– Use attractive baskets for your electronic gadgets – remote controls, video game accessories, cords, and chargers.
– Many living rooms these days are overrun with cords – for the TV, the DVR and DVD player, the Ethernet connection, the computer and printer, and more. Keep your cords organized and out of sight by running them along the walls or under carpets. If that’s too complicated, simply bind them together with zip ties or Velcro bands.


Recipe for a Fun Night

Fun Night (with a group)

So, I absolutely love when I’m with a group of people and drinks are everywhere but we’ve run out of random things to talk about and its becoming a bit awkward. I usually wind up with a date on my arm who needs a little touch of liquid courage but doesn’t want to be the first one who gets wasted at the Christmas party so here’s a fun little game you can propose! I ALWAYS HAVE A DECK OF CARDS IN MY BAG – you should too!

And if you’re hosting the bash, I have a “Berry Deadly” punch mixture you can try too –

Game: Kings

Needs: 4+ people & a deck of cards

Rules: Place an empty glass in the middle of the table/floor and spread the deck of cards in a circle around it (face down and like a fan). Sit in a circle and each player pulls whichever card they want. Each card has a rule to it though

2 – “You” – the card holder chooses who will take a swig of their drink

3 – “Me” – drink up!

4 – “Floor” – Last player to touch the floor has to drink

5 – “Guys” – All guys drink

6 – “Chicks” – All ladies drink

7 – “Heaven” – Last player to put their hand up and point to the sky drinks

8 – “Pick a Date” – the card holder picks someone to drink with them

9 – “Rhyme” – the card holder says a word and everyone around the circle has to rhyme with it, loser drinks

10 – “Category” – I know, it doesn’t rhyme (sorry). The card holder has to pick a category and the group goes around the circle naming something from that category. Example: Sexual positions, types of beer, horror movie titles, etc. The first person who gets stumped or repeats something, drinks

Jack – “Rule” – Hold on to this card until someone else draws a Jack. Make a random rule and if people don’t abide, they drink. Rule example: no cursing and my favorite rule: you can’t use the word “drink” which you can imagine would be quite difficult in this game. Party members will need to find an alternative of the word.  New rules void previous rules.

Queen – “Question Master” – Until a new queen is picked, this person plays as question master. If you answer any of this persons questions, you must drink. I always got caught when the question master would ask me the time or if I had to work the next day. What a jerk!

King – The first three people who draw the king card get to pour however much of their punch into the middle cup. The person, who is lucky enough to draw the last king, must chug it!

Ace – “Waterfall” – It’s like doing the wave, but with your cups! Go around the circle drinking until the first person stops (people forget this important rule!)


Punch: They Call her “Berry Deadly

– 2 pints Everclear

– 1 bottle of Wine (I favor white!!)

– ½ gallon Orange Juice

– 1 gallon of Tropical Berry Kool-Aid

Caution: This may put you on your derriere by the end of the game 🙂

End of Summer Drink

Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end for a good amount of us (the rest of you keep going strong!), so I’m providing a simple and yummy drink recipe for one of those last barbeques. I recently made pitchers of this Ciroc-Colada that was a blast with family and friends. I found the recipe on the Ciroc website ( but I tweaked portions to make it taste better for the person who rather have the subtlety of the liquor and flavor of the other ingredients.

This recipe includes:

16 oz Pineapple Juice

12 oz of lime juice

12 oz Ciroc Coconut (portion gives it a surprising but fun little kick)

A pinch of Sprite to make it bubbly

*To make it even more fun, include pineapple chunks in the bottom of each glass to keep the guests happy while you fetch them some more.